Small living requires big thinking

Even more space? For example, you can move. But financially this is not always the best option. Moreover, often from a familiar environment to leave and any children have to go to another school. You will then have to do with the space you have. So This article is about the possibilities you have when… Continue reading »

Green Building on a Budget

If you believe going green is too costly to be completed at your organization, believe again. Creating green can be done in the identical quantity of time and at about the exact same price as traditional constructing, but with a greater return on investment and with state and federal government tax incentives. In fact, the… Continue reading »

Energy Efficient Homes Vs. Green Building

What’s happened to the term energy effective home? I read the best definition of an energy efficient residence by Dennis Crook. He’s built energy efficient homes since the Carter Administration in the 1980’s. His definition of an energy efficient residence follows: “The energy-effective residence acts as a smooth-functioning machine in which the equipment produces as… Continue reading »